Shipping methods

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For purchases over 50 € shipping is free.

For within the prefecture of Attica with weight up to 2Kgr the charge is € 3.00, each additional kilo is charged with € 0.60.

For outside the prefecture of Attica in land destinations weighing up to 2Kgr the charge is € 3.20, each additional kilo is charged with € 0.70.

For island destinations weighing up to 2Kgr the charge is € 3.30, each additional kilo is charged with € 0.90. For areas that do not belong to the network of the General Post Office for parcels weighing up to 2Kg, the charge is € 6.00 and for each additional kilo the charge is € 1.20. In case of payment method COD’s COD for all of Greece is € 3.70 up to 2 kg weight and for each additional kilo you charge € 1.10

Due to the volume and weight of the products, the shipment is made with cooperating transport agencies without the possibility of cash on delivery. The delivery concerns a ground floor entrance of the place of delivery. For the above, the final shipping cost is calculated automatically during the checkout process and under the condition of an existing postal code in accordance with GENIKI TACHIDROMIKI.

In case the products of the order need to be transported by elevator or crane for safe transport inside the house, then this is done after consultation and at a cost borne by the customer. In such cases, telephone communication precedes the shipment. Delivery time may change. In the products of these categories there is no possibility of collection from a store, only shipping to the customer. Additional terms product returns The basic condition is that the product has been uninstalled safely & at the customer’s responsibility. Charges apply as in deliveries respectively.

For any question regarding the above contact 2295053054.


BISCOTTOKIDS.GR gives special importance to serving the needs of consumers and solving any problems they have from their transactions with us. However, in the event that we are unable to fully resolve any issues you have and feel that to any extent any of your rights in our transactions are being infringed, you may seek to resolve any disputes by using the Electronic Dispute Resolution Platform (EAD) as provided in Article 14 of Regulation 524/2013. At the ADR you can submit to resolve any dispute you may have. The European Consumer Center of Greece has been designated as a national contact point for ADR in Greece, information on which for dispute resolution can be found at You can also contact the Consumer Ombudsman ( The above does not limit to anything the rights that you and we have to resort to the competent courts.


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